StoryPatches instructions

Creating Your Message

Use Our App

1. Download the free app for iPhone, iPad or Android in your app store

2. Register for a free account

3. Scan the code on your patch and choose your message type

4. Create and save your message

Use Our Website

1. Go to

2. Click “Get Started” and create a account

3. Type the 10-letter code on your patch in the “Create a stkr” box

4. Choose your message and save

Message playback

To play back your message, simply scan the code using the app (or any QR code reader), or enter the 10-letter code at the website

Creating and applying your StoryPatch

Customize the Label

1. Use the space around the code to write, draw, or embroider your quilt label. Border design and wording placement suggestions are provided—or create your own design

2. Place a label over a border idea, tape the corners to hold in place

3. Trace using a permanent fabric marker such as Pigma brand archival ink pens

Attaching the Label

1. Trim label to 6 and 1/2̋ x 4 and 1/2 ̋

2. Press seam allowance to the back of the label before sewing to quilt

3. If fusing, apply fusible web to the back of the label (following manufacturer’s instructions) and trim to 6 ̋ x 4 ̋

4. Label should be sewn or fused flat, not curved, with no wrinkles to your quilt