Preserving connections to the past and a respect for creativity are core values for our family.  

I built and the StoryPatches product lines with help from my father Chuck and brother Steve, and we have made the company a reflection of our business experience and family passions.  

Our extended family has started dozens of companies big and small - "big" ones that were sold to Google and "small" ones that focus on making furniture out of reclaimed wood.  We love the challenge of creating something new - particularly when it has a focus on family and meaningful engagement with our shared history. Family reunions were an annual event for decades, and we energetically pursue relationships with distant relatives around the world. 

With a sister that majored in weaving and textiles, and an aunt that is an active quilter, StoryPatches is the perfect business for us.  We hope that our product can help you connect your own personal stories and memories for generations to come.


Mike is proud to be a board member of The Quilt Alliance, which is dedicated to documenting, preserving and sharing our American quilt heritage.  We want StoryPatches to be a tool for quilters towards that important mission.