Quilt Alliance Welcomes New Board Members

Very proud to announce that our Founder, Mike Newman, has been elected to be one of the four new Quilt Alliance Board Members!

"All four new board members share a passion for the Alliance's mission," said Executive Director Amy Milne, "and we are excited to add their strengths to our team. An organization as lean as ours accomplishes great things because of dynamic volunteer leaders, who contribute their skill sets and their resources to our collective tool box. These four individuals bring to the table expertise and experience in the areas of law, finance, fundraising, business, art history, social engagement, and of course, quiltmaking."

You can visit the Quilt Alliance website here!

"Every quilt has a story"

We say it because it is true!  This is a great article about quilters capturing the important moments in their lives through their quilts:

Ask a quilter to tell you their story and you may hear about babies and weddings, family heirlooms passed down through generations, memories woven into each stitch.

“Every quilt has a story,” said Terry Cook, owner of Chelatchie Quilts in Amboy.