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In addition to linking it to a video message, you could link it to a photograph, an audio message, or a written document. Best of all, you can change the video, photo, audio message or document any time you want. The QR code can be “read” by scanning, or by entering the letter code into a web site. There’s no expiration on the QR code either. They’re also washable.
— Ami Simms, Through the Eyes of a Quilter
It easy, it’s fun, it’s inexpensive, and it’s definitely memorable.
— Lorine, It's Sew Lorine
The account at the website is free. To hear the message or see associated video that the person who used the label left, you scan in the QR code. Pretty neat!
— Marianne, D is for Dovey
“StoryPatches are a great complement to our quilts,
because they allow our future generations to
know and remember the story behind us and our creation.”
— Moda Fabrics
I made this quilt for a friend and wanted to add just one more personal touch in the way of a quilt label. What could be better than a personal message she can listen to over and over?
How fun and easy was that?
— Lorine Mason, Snapguide by Brit+Co

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